About: “Celebrate and Educate”

What is it that makes someone want to take on one of the hardest jobs in the world? And not only do that job but do it for a lifetime. You wake up early, sometimes before the sun comes up and you finish when the job is complete. You will do this job no matter what mother nature throws at you, rain or shine. Some days you feel that you just can't get ahead but you keep working away.

This same job has instilled a sense of pride that not many careers will ever do for someone. That pride might come from something such as helping a new born calf get its first drink from its mother, harnessing your team of horses or looking over your freshly planted field.

As we approach the 168th Peterborough Exhibition it is a sense of pride that brings together a dedicated group of volunteers that work into the late hours of the day to put on a show for the entire community. Even though the show has changed over the years and will continue to change the sentiment behind it remains the same, to promote agriculture and have some fun at the same time.

For the first time we will be hosting a "tractor parade" that will run down George Street right into Morrow Park to help kick off this year's Exhibition. This parade will help showcase some of the equipment used in the past and present.

For our second year we will be offering a Supreme champion bull and Supreme Champion Female award during our beef show. Last year's show was one of our best yet and I expect this year to be no different. And the livestock shows don't stop there. We have horse shows, poultry shows, sheep, goats and the list goes on. If livestock is not your thing maybe you would like to check out one of our many Home Craft displays.

Last year we welcomed "the horse whisperer" for the first time and his shows were absolutely fantastic and the crowds loved it. People were amazed at how he could take a horse that had rejected traditional training methods and work with it in his own way. By the end of the show the horses had settled down and become receptive to his new training techniques.

This year's show will feature some of our favorites, with World's Finest Shows Midway coming back again with some of the absolute best rides around. And of course what day is complete without sitting in our grandstand and taking in our always entertaining Demolition Derby or our Truck and Tractor pulls. There is always a great view from our grandstand but the one from our beer garden is a very close second.

As you walk through the Exhibition this year you will be able to sense the pride that our volunteers and exhibitors put into every last detail. So come and join us August 8-11th and help us to "Celebrate and Educate".

Ryan Moore